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NOTE: This is a subscription to the original DOTS (stocks-only) strategy. If you want to subscribe to DOTS+C (cryptocurrency) strategy, contact me.

As a DOTS subscriber for the season 2019/2020 you will get:

  • One BUY email alert in autumn 2019
    The email is sent when the timing system determines the entry date which can be from October to November. The email will contain 4 stocks to buy and their current prices or the recommendation not to buy any stocks.
  • One SELL email alert in spring 2020
    The email is sent when the timing system determines the exit date which can be from mid April to May, but in some rare years as late as June.
View actual emails that were sent to our subscribers in:

For information about the entry and exit dates approaching and other news related to the strategy follow DOTS on Twitter

The subscription price for one season is BCH 0.12904 ($40). The bitcoin cash price was calculated using the current BitStamp conversion rate of 1 BCH = 306.89 USD
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